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Artfair, Artists, Group expo, Inspiration 2019-05-16

Ni Hao, Pegasus 2.0 and my other gold-light creatures
are at the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair.

If you happen to be in China, you are very welcome at the Affordable Art Fair – Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre – 1 Expo Drive – Hall 3 D & E – 17th till 19th of May.

At the opening the fair director Hong Kong & Melbourne,
Stephanie Kelly, visited Pegasus 2.0.

Hello sir, something to declare?…
No, sir, not really…it’s my usual luggage when I go on board.

Ready for this incredible luminous city which is just breading lights!!!


Artfair 2018-12-04

What if my art can inspire the viewer to look at their dualism between body and mind?

By having this great opportunity to show my art installations at one of the most renowned art fairs of the world, Art Miami. I was excited to extend the number of views by art lovers from all over the world and to meet, talk, inspired and being inspired by other on the topic, the meaning of dualism between body and mind .

‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.’
– Thomas Merton

And sometimes you literally lose your art in an airport and then you create new ones. A virgin never caught me.