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The two headed pink beast inspired by the double-headed animal from the children’s stories, Doctor Dolittle, written by Hugh Lofting.

The ambiguity of this fascinating creature is both tragic (because of his inconvenient body) and lucky at the same time (being able to eat while speaking). It is also claimed that its great-grandfather was the last unicorn. Also captured by Stefan Yordanov in the art installation A virgin never caught me.

The vivid sculpture is made from aluminum with pink lights and two deer skulls. It reacts to the movements of the visitors. On one hand it treis to celebrate the human imagination and attempts to show technical developments towards nature. While on the other hand (on a personal level) it could be seen as a symbol of the affective relationship between two people … sweet, vulnerable and cruel, brutal at the same time!

PushMe PullME is an autobiographical light installation made after his divorce. Working on this art piece, he sometimes encountered new questions and sometimes got the solutions presented. ‘Those are gifts. While working you often get the biggest presents.’

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