Life Factory is a research project. The entering of the digital age has changed the nature of our human behavior and our relationships to living things and our environment. 

Our drawings and sculptures aim to study the changing relationship between humans, flora environment and animals. We are at a major anthropological moment in our development, as individuals and as a society. It is no longer possible thinking about our relationship to nature as a business sector but as a human being.

A new reconnection with nature is an existential necessity.

Interdisciplinary project at Josilda da Conceição Gallery |
26 Okt – 23 Nov in Oostzaanstraat 10, Amsterdam.


In my work i am interested to manifest the subtle dynamic between man and nature.  Inspired from the complex and different vegetal flora forms I am interested to create a universe out of new forms of life. 

Inspired from the complex and different vegetal flora forms, I create handmade shapes based on different natural structure and movement. I combine this forms with powerful colors to give them life and some kind of intelligence. Like a scientific hypothese, I try to create an interaction between vegetal forms and the human being.

Through different medias, including drawing, installation and sculpture forms – convene in a series of reflexions about the crossing process between all living creatures. 

In my artistic work i am looking for TRANSFORMATION of life forms…creating hybrids which give a surprising view on our possible future.

Human and animal anatomy have an important place in my artistic research. Therefore i am interested in the transformation process of the physical remains of a creature: its skull or skeleton would light up brightly in my sculpture, ‘breading’ new energy… 

Starting point of my works is a big collection of found natural remains: bones, animal skulls & nature materials…which i combine with sources of energy (light & electricity) in order to give them a new, imaginary ‘life’. Light itself appeal to me as a living material, existing in everyday life objects (bulbs, TV’s,  smartphones, etc.), it is a form of energy that you can hold in your hands, a living form…