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Pegasus (the winged horse) from Greek mythology is the symbol of creativity and poetry. This interactive light installation is a tribute to Liubomir Jordanov’s (father of Stefan Yordanov, 1934-2012) art drawings, where the animal is often presented as an ‘spiritual vehicle’. His father was a Bulgarian lithography artist.

The Pegasus 2.0 is an attempt to unite antagonisms in life, which are connected to each other. Such as the spiritual and the material world, life and death, nature and culture. Displaying an animal (or a human) anatomy we come very close to the ‘mystery’ of our existence. This is the form of all energy, LIGHT itself.

The installation represents the skeleton of a horse, where light tubes and lights of different shapes and sizes replace the bones structure. Wires and cables become nerves and veins in this odd anatomy model.

The skeleton is everything but dead: as the spectators approach the horse it’s being strikes them with bright light by inflaming a part (or whole) of its body.

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