Artfair, Artists, Group expo, Inspiration 2019-05-16

Ni Hao, Pegasus 2.0 and my other gold-light creatures
are at the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair.

If you happen to be in China, you are very welcome at the Affordable Art Fair – Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre – 1 Expo Drive – Hall 3 D & E – 17th till 19th of May.

At the opening the fair director Hong Kong & Melbourne,
Stephanie Kelly, visited Pegasus 2.0.

Hello sir, something to declare?…
No, sir, not really…it’s my usual luggage when I go on board.

Ready for this incredible luminous city which is just breading lights!!!


I'm a third generation visual artist born in 1972 in Sofia and now based in Amsterdam. You can often find me deep in thought about human and animal states of life in all their transformations or transmutations. There is ENERGY in life and in death. It is an old theme, the dualism of body and mind. It is a classic theme, the Greeks were already occupied with it. I fill it in a contemporary way.